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Routine Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

As the days get warmer and warmer and the New York summer fast approaches, it is necessary for businesses to take a good look at their air conditioning systems to ensure it is in good working order to last through several months of peak temperatures. Despite the general necessity to get HVAC systems looked at regularly, many skip this and run into problems midway through the summer. HVAC repair in NYC is common, but with routine maintenance, many problems that pop up are avoidable.

The idea of needing HVAC repairs typically brings to mind a costly endeavor. Given the complexity of needing HVAC systems that can service a department store, office building, doctor’s office, school, event arena, or residential building, it is not hard to imagine that repairs would be costly when needed. Read more …

Womens Ankle Boots

Ankle booties and boots are perfect for sporting that chic Parisian look and make it easier to move around, especially when you’re out clubbing. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when buying a pair of womens ankle boots; on whether they would go well with your wardrobe as well as flatter your legs.
They can make short legs look shorter and wide legs even wider if worn incorrectly. You’ll have to work with your proportions, height and body shape to achieve a flattering look. On this page I’ll talk about some practical strategies, don’ts and do’s when buying a pair of womens ankle boots, as well as where you can buy them and how you should wear them.
How to Buy Womens Ankle Boots
Scale them to your legs
Selecting the right scale of boots for your legs, feet and ankles is important to avoid showcasing your size. Basically, a pair of stiletto heels will make full legs look like bricks in comparison; or if you have delicate legs and ankles then platform ankle boot heels will make them look like twigs. The size just becomes too obvious.
Tips on how to get slimmer and longer legs in ankle boots:

€ Match the boots with the color of the bottom (ex. black ankle booties with black or dark blue skinny jeans or leggings, tan boots on tan skin, black against dark opaque tights, etc.). Avoid mixing contrasting colors such as black on white as it will visually cut your legs in half.
€ Make sure the bottom is slim or tapered around the leg so that the hem looks slim and straight when tucking them in the boots.
€ A little bit of heel slims your calves.
€ Stick to matt© material textures such as leather. Shiny fabrics like patent will expand the size of your feet.
€ Opt for womens ankle boots with minimal interest. A lot of straps and buckles will make your legs look heavy. You should also try boots with visible zipper detail for a maximum slimming effect
€ Select boots with a tapered/slim shaft. Although your ankles with look smaller, it may interrupt the streamlined silhouette we’re aiming for and drag your body frame down if you’re Petite and/or have short legs.

Make sure the proportion of your outfit is right
The taller the shaft of the boot, the shorter the skirt should be.
Wearing a knee-length skirt with a taller shaft visually shortens the leg and gives you a chopped-off stubby look. This applies to dresses and shorts as well.
Dress your body shape
We’re aiming for a well-proportional body shape. By knowing your body shape you’ll find it easier to pick fashion ankle boots that will flatter your body.
Also if you’re short and/or have short legs, avoid complicated details that make you look shorter.

Since it can prompt your body to go on survival mode, in which it would save all fats it.

How to Be Successful in Content Writing?

As a successful content writer, you have access to advertise and market your . The era of technology has brought plenty of writing and editing works for content writers. But in order to stay successful throughout career, constant reading and learning of various techniques and tips is essential.

1. Publish high quality articles regularly

Write and publish high quality articles. The content must be unique supported by accurate information.

2. Offer participation in forums

There are many questions that remain unanswered in forums. Take time to provide correct answers. Offering an appropriate and good answer will uphold your services and identifies you as an expert. Make sure your reply is in order with the question.

3. Advertise your services

Advertising is one of the biggest sources for you to make a successful career. Google ads can bring you plenty of customers, if you are working as a freelancer. You can set your budget conveniently. It will generate good traffic and customers. If you are working as a full-time content writer for an organization, choose various topics and publish articles online regularly. This will build your online profile.

4. Go through job portals

Job portals advertise for content writers.These can be chosen either for part-time or full-time work. Apply as per your requirement. Upload your resume and cover letter suitably. Include keywords wherever required.

5. Work on your resume thoroughly

Resume represents you and speaks on your behalf. It must have correct details relevant to the job. Education, skills, expert areas and work experience along with contact information must be provided. Limit the content of your resume to not more than two pages. An effective resume wins a job.

6. Accept freelance assignments

Working as a freelancer is definitely challenging. Focus on quality content development and timely submission of works. It will establish you as successful writer. Fix your price and accept both local and outsourcing jobs. Offer good service to customers and it takes care of your online reputation.

7. Improve content quality and work efficiently

Be a self-critic and try hard to improve your quality of writing. Promise yourself that you will deliver top quality content to your clients.

8. Acquire a wide array of skill set

A content writer must have a wide skill set in writing. You must have abilities to develop web content, articles, blog posts and social media ads. Beginning from article writing to press release, you must acquire superior writing skills. Read online and choose content writing books for regular reading.

As compared to any other writing career, content writing is different in many ways as it involves a lot of creative and diversified writing. If you have gained successful working experience and built your LinkedIn profile, you are an accomplished professional content writer. This is your true success. Has stored, and lower down your metabolism

How to Make a Career in Content Writing

Rising to a level of content management is quite rewarding. But it is not easy. After many years of hard work, you will see yourself elevated to an elite position. As you look forward to a prospective career in content writing, you need suitable certification and tools that equip you with writing skills.i

After graduation from college, you come across many career opportunities and challenges. To choose a career in content writing, you are required to take online research about online courses. A certified course will derive extensive knowledge to write articles, web content, SEO articles, press release, classified ads, product description, white papers, business proposals and so much more in content writing.

Choose a certified online course

Online courses are quite popular and offer a lot of convenience to study from home. The duration of each course would be either twelve weeks or more. You will receive regular lessons to study. There will be assignments to attend after which you will have to write an online exam. Clearing the exam will award you with a certificate in content writing.

Write and Publish

After attaining a certificate, it is time to build your own publishing platform and online profile. Get registered in article publishing website and submit your articles regularly. The golden rule is to write more and publish more.

Read widely

Choose your topics and read online articles written by other authors. This will extend your knowledge to write effectively. Choose top ranked websites and sign up for newsletters and recent blog posts.

Write down your ideas

Your successful ideas can surely uphold your profile. Have a clear objective and purpose about what you wish to convey to the audience. Make sure to deliver interestingly written top quality content. Help the readers to learn and know more from your articles.

Market your writing via your website or blog

A blog is an immensely precious source to publish your articles. Write blog posts as often as you can and invest hard work to produce good content. Your website redirects customers to you. A website or a blog is an effective marketing tool to sell your work.

Apply for online jobs

If you wish to work from home, you can apply through many outsourcing job portals. Make sure you meet the requirements stated in job description. Submit your resume along with a cover letter. Fix your price for writing assignments. If you are looking for a full-time employment, stay successful in writing your resume. Prepare for interview thoroughly and build your confidence to answer all the questions accurately.

Timely submission rules your business

Submission of content in time wins the favor and it is good for you. Put an extra effort to develop unique content. Avoid fillers.

Produce original content

Be very creative and think a lot before you begin to write. Sketch your outline and have a rough work to guide you. There is a lot of content already available online written by successful authors. Never copy the work of others. You have to publish original content to get approved.

Expertise in content writing comes by regular practice in reading and writing. Establishing a successful career in content writing will definitely bring a six figure income. Especially when you go through fasting to lose weight.